COVID-19 Features

Symptom disclosure for drivers

When drivers log onto their tablets, they are presented with a screen requiring them to disclose if they have had any COVID-19 related symptoms in the last 14 days.

Sympton disclosure on driver app.
Bus sanitizing bottle.

Bus sanitizing reminders for drivers

When drivers start their post-trip inspection after their route, they are reminded to sanitize their bus according to your school district’s regulations or policy.

Seating charts for contact tracing

If a student riding the bus tests positive for COVID-19, our electronic seating charts coupled with our daily attendance on the bus is the best contact tracing tool available.

COVID-19 germs illustration.
Student scanning card.

Contactless card scanning

Our student RFID cards, which include the student’s ID number in the form of a bar code, are placed in a clear plastic sleeve. This makes it very convenient for contactless scanning by our RFID card reader on the bus, and also makes it easy for contactless bar code scanning in the cafeteria and library.

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